Workshops and Events

Cook and Craft Workshops

Spark joy, ignite creativity, and fortify teamwork with the immersive experience of my cook and craft workshops. Tailored for both teams and organizations, these sessions promise innovative, enjoyable moments, blending culinary and craft expertise. Elevate your events with a unique fusion of skills and camaraderie, sparking inspiration, lasting memories, and pure joy. Unleash the potential for collaboration within your group by choosing my workshops, where creativity knows no bounds, and teamwork flourishes in a dynamic and joy-filled environment.


Workshop Options

  • Your Topic: Embark on a culinary journey inspired by themes like animals, cartoon characters, or any chosen topic that sparks enthusiasm.
  • Your Ingredients: Select ingredients suitable for all ages, enhancing the cooking experience with a touch of creativity inspired by the chosen theme. Plus, consider this workshop as a delightful promotional opportunity for your ingredients, showcasing their versatility and appeal in crafting memorable dishes.
  • Birthdays in the Kitchen (for children) – children cook & craft workshops and birthday celebrations customized by a theme chosen by your child (favourite animal, cartoon characters…).

  • Team Building: Encourage families to cook together, fostering a sense of togetherness and shared accomplishment.
  • My Cookbooks Presentation: Conclude the workshop with a presentation featuring family-friendly recipes from my cookbooks, providing a resource for future culinary adventures.

I welcome your ideas and visions for collaboration. Feel free to mix and match elements from these options to create a collaboration package that best suits your preferences and target audience.

Email me at: and let’s cook up a personalized workshop.