About Me

Petra Kavšek, Cookbook Author & Creative Food Content Creator With Over 10 Years of Experience.

Hello. My name is Petra.  

I am a foodie and a cookbook creator from Slovenia.

I created my first cookbook as a child while baking sweets with my grandmother.

It was a little handmade booklet titled ”My First Cookbook” in which I wrote and illustrated my favourite recipes.

Since then, I have followed my passion for culinary, which led me to the cookbook publishing industry. Today, I am the author of many cookbooks published in Slovenia. 

My work encompasses the entire cookbook production – from recipe developing,  food photography to graphic design and preparing cookbooks for print.

My cookbooks: 

  • Forest kitchen – New, updated version (Gozdna kuhinja – Nova, dopolnjena izdaja), 2023, Publishing House: Založba Kmečki Glas 
  • #Desserts (#Sladice), 2021, Publishing House: Založba Kmečki Glas (I am a co-author)

  • My first cookbook (Moja prva kuharska knjiga) 2017, Publishing House: The Foodie d.o.o.

  • Forest kitchen (Gozdna kuhinja), 2013, Publishing House: Založba Kmečki Glas 

  • Pancakes, crepes and omelettes (Palačinke in omlete), 2012, Publishing House: Založba Kmečki Glas 

Cook & Craft Workshops & Food Events

I absolutely love sharing my deep passion for food through lively and engaging live events. Whether it’s the joyous laughter of Cook & Craft Workshops, where Youth & Adult chefs explore the world of culinary delights with their hands and hearts, or the warm gatherings of Foodie Meetups that unite like-minded enthusiasts for a shared culinary celebration – my events are all about creating unforgettable moments and spreading the love for food. Come join me in these experiences where every dish tells a story, and the joy of sharing good food brings us all together!