Workshops and Events

Cook and Craft Workshops

Spark joy, ignite creativity, and fortify teamwork with the immersive experience of my cook and craft workshops. Tailored for both teams and organizations, these sessions promise innovative, enjoyable moments, blending culinary and craft expertise. Elevate your events with a unique fusion of skills and camaraderie, sparking inspiration, lasting memories, and pure joy. Unleash the potential for collaboration within your group by choosing my workshops, where creativity knows no bounds, and teamwork flourishes in a dynamic and joy-filled environment.

Creative Food Content

As a creative food designer, I specialize in crafting attractive cookies and imaginative culinary creations for kids, with features in magazines and cookbooks. Embracing a passion for healthy and vegan cooking, I bring a nutritious twist to the table. Elevate your brand with personalized treats, creative food designs, and a commitment to health-conscious culinary experiences. Let’s create delicious and vibrant stories for your brand!

Cookbook Production

All-in-one cookbook production! From flavorful recipes to captivating designs, find everything you need in one place. For publishers and brands, working with me means simplicity, speed, and a seamless culinary journey from concept to creation. Let’s make your cookbook vision a reality effortlessly!

Collaboration Options

  •  Personalized Brand Content: Elevate your brand, website, or magazine with uniquely crafted content. Order personalized food designs / recipes that capture the essence of your identity, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.
  • Recipe Booklets for Publishers, Companies, and Brands
  • Personalized Cooking Workshops created to help your brand / organisation offer something truly special. Whether it’s team building or engaging customers, these hands-on sessions uniquely connect your brand to the joy of cooking. Let’s design an interactive event that leaves a lasting impression and highlights your brand’s identity.
  • Sellable Food Designs: Spice up your offerings with irresistible food designs ready for sale. From whimsical cookies to imaginative culinary creations, bring a touch of culinary artistry to your product line and delight your customers with visually stunning and delicious.

I welcome your ideas and visions for collaboration. Contact me via E-mail: